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The plant and its history
The wort is a low perennial with slightly woody stems and yellow flowers that bloom characteristics in peaks since June to September.
When light falls on them, showing translucent dots and red and black dots, which are colored essential oils and resins.

The balm the scientific name of which is Hypericum perforatum L. was known since antiquity for its medicinal properties. 
The Fathers of Science Medicine, Hippocrates and Dioscorides, the manufactured and used it for the healing of various patients. Characteristic properties of the balm is the use of the name "Embalming" meaning the embalming. O Galen and Dioscorides suggested as a diuretic, healing, emmenagogue and hemostat.

The Middle Ages were attributed magical properties to the plant, especially if the collection was on June 24, the day that marks the memory of John the Baptist.According to folk beliefs, the Hypericum herb was kicked out by the smell of evil spirits.In addition to therapeutic use, it has been used as a feedstock for the production of yellow and red dye intended for coloring wool and silk threads.

Pharmaceutical use

The yellow ray flowers beautiful of feverfew have the highest concentration of the most beneficial ingredients main ones hypericin, and hyperforin, which collaborate in increasing levels of transmitters in the brain, such as serotonin and noradrenaline. These neurotransmitters maintain normal mood and emotional stability (hence the expression balm my soul).
Hypericin substance also has an antiseptic effect against viruses and bacteria, helping to heal wounds and fight infections.
End to another of the component, the tannin, causing the astringent properties of the herb while flavonols reduce inflammation, helping to backaches.
Today by scientific confirmation of therapeutic value in combination with a minimum non-existent side effects man epanadiadothike usage globally.
It also contains flavonoids (16% in the leaves), xanthones, phenolic acids and traces of essential oils (0.13%). The plant in fresh form is considered more effective than dried.
In herbal shops, you will find the entire plant is dried, flowers or leaves. Holder also in capsules and tablets as such and contained in food supplements.
H form, proportions and methods of use of balsamic herb depend on the problem to be addressed and is completely personalized.
It is a powerful drug agent with serious contraindications, which for any reason can not use it if you have not previously consult doctor.

Properties - Uses

Outdoor use: When used externally has antiseptic and healing properties.
It is the number one healing wounds due to its ability to regenerate cells. Extremely effective for burns, bumps, bruises, inflammation, pimples, corns, insect bites, psyxeis, cramps, sprains, grips, skin diseases, neuralgia, hemorrhoids. It is also effective for rheumatism, sciatica and varicose veins. It is ideal for soothing, therapeutic and relaxing massage.

With spatholado do rubbing wounds, cuts or light rubbing the part that hurts. We can still apply and local patches soaked gauze. Tested on us with excellent results in the summer "burns" after the sea bath.
Combined with chamomilolado is ideal after sun. Try your babies without fear for rash and forget the soothing-healing creams.

Internal use: The spatholado known mainly for outdoor use, but has several healing properties when drunk. Particularly recommended for colitis, pains and sour stomach, ulcers, painful digestion and headaches. When you wake up from heavy drinking 1-2 tablespoons spatholadou soothe your stomach. Is considered to enhance the immune system and is rich in vitamin C. The sedge as an infusion or tincture of the drink and cold. Act effectively in cases and bronchial asthma. Used to treat mild depression and insomnia (and sedge decoction).


 In the region there is a problem, since the earlier flush thoroughly do spreadable with sufficient amount Valsamelaiou so this region to "lubricate". Then let the Balsam for a while (30-60 ') until it is absorbed. Using Valsamelaiou be done daily 2-3 times a day for a period up to eliminate such problem.


Pro can affect the metabolism of certain enzymes. Therefore, caution is needed when co-administered with other drugs. Also, because it affects the neurotransmitters it is not taken concurrently with antidepressants
The pregnant and nursing mothers should not take the favor in any form.

Because Hypericine (hypericin), contained in the plant is photosensitive substance consists after using spatholadou not following exposure to light because some skins may cause photosensitivity and photodermatitis reaction manifested by skin irritations, including the mouth, nose and ears. 

Using spatholadou be done daily and only for as long as necessary for the treatment of each case.
For individuals with hypertension use requires medical attention.
The possible appearance of sediment on the bottom of the bottle is a natural phenomenon.


The sedge is the "hospital" for many sick animals, birds and insects. Stopping wasteful by nature is like bombarding a hospital.

Do not also forget that this herb has been scientifically proven to help in various situations.

The valsamolado (spatholado-balm) obtained by extraction (exanthosmia) overground part, when the plant is in full bloom used externally or internally (as appropriate) for:

• Relief-inflammatory stimuli 
• healing various wounds (due to injuries or immobility in bed). 
• Burns 
• dermatitis 
• Fight hemorrhoids 
• Ulcers veins 

• Aches waist, 
• Sciatica 
• Muscle aches 
• lumbago 
• dislocation 
• rheumatism 
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
• Insect bites 
• Astringent (Fighting diarrhea) 
• healing of gastric and stomach ulcers, 
• Gastritis 
• Internal Burning Fight (Anti-inflammatory) 
• Fight worms in the intestinal tract (anthelmintic) 
• Fight phlegm (Expectorant) 
• For the proper functioning of menstruation (emmenagogue) 
• Insomnia, 
• Treating Anxiety disorder 
• Mild and medium forms of depression and tranquilizer 
• Stimulation and restoration of the nervous system 
• Gives good mood and well-being while strengthening the immune system 

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